Meatless Mondays? Meatless Everyday!

I have toyed with healthier eating over the past six months, the results? Mixed. I still have a crazy addiction (or that’s what I try to convince myself) to sugary fizzy drinks, a habit I am not at all proud of at all! But hey, lets not get bogged down in the bad. The positives of me flirting with new culinary dishes has led me to join in with the growing craze that is Meatless Mondays, a moo-vement that attempts to cut out meat for one day of the week in order to increase your life expectancy, save the environment and keep those cows a little happier all at the same time! Maybe I’m milking it a little, but it did make me feel like I was steering in the right direction!

I thought I’d chicken-out and go straight back to eating more meat than I ever had before but I was mistaken. It was starting to make a little more sense to me and after a while I found that I was having more meatless days than I was eating meat. So I decided to go the whole hog and just cut meat entirely out of my diet, which I’ve successfully done for over a month now!

What have I gained?

  • Weight loss – I found that one of the biggest contributors to my current body fat levels was down to the amount of meat I was eating, as well as the quality, especially from those awful fast food chains which also pump in a lot of salt and sugar in at the same time to make you coming back for more! Over this six month project I’ve found that I’ve lost about 1 and a half stone (or about 21 pounds to my American readers!)
  • Spending less on my groceries – A common misconception was that I’d have to spend more on food than I would have normally, this can be the case if you rely on meat-replicas such as Quorn, but once I became more aware of vegetarian dishes and more confident of my culinary skills I found that my food bill actually decreased.
  • Belief that change is possible – Going from being a big meat-eater to a lacto-vegetarian is a big lifestyle shift. Something I never thought I could possibly do. The amount of times I’ve told people how much I love chicken was testament to that. However, despite all doubts from myself and my parents, I found it was easy once I gave myself small methods (such as abstaining from eating meat for just one day) to achieve something that was engrained in my day-to-day since I can remember. If I can do this, why can’t I give up drinking those fizzy drinks? I can and I will. I’ll outline my plan of action at a later date, but I’m feeling positive that I can do this, and maybe that’s most of the work done already!

If you’ve got this far then I applaud you for putting up with my animal puns. Have you got any vices that you want to get rid of? Maybe you’ve got some great techniques for trying to change those bad habits? I’d love to hear about them!

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New Beginnings

It has been 5 months since my last blog entry and I wish I could say that I was too busy, spending my time doing the things I love in life, to even consider posting; sadly this is not the case.

The job I had at the coffee shop utterly consumed me, with the expectations of doing 45 – 50 hour weeks, waking up at 5am to have to go to work and generally feeling exhausted even on my days off, I think it’s safe to say that this is not what I need in life. It killed my love for reading, blogging, exploring and I noticed it even increased my frivolous spending just so I could deal with my unhappiness at work.

I am glad to say that my days with this company are over, and despite my harsh feelings towards them, I do wish my manager and my colleagues all the best in the future! I have a new part-time job lined up for myself that offers more pay whilst simultaneously clocking in less hours, so I can achieve my financial goals without sacrificing the time needed to spend with my friends and family.

I think it’s time to get back to basics. It’s going to be a little grueling but I’ve decided to start tracking my spending each week, which I’ve been doing for the past five days, to uncover what a large proportion of my money is going on. I’m already not liking what I’ve seen!! Junk junk junk. I’ll report back in a couple of days about that though.

I suppose this just goes to show that you can never truly ‘achieve’ minimalism, a constant re-evaluation is always needed before unwanted habits start to creep back into your life; an important point I should definitely keep in mind!

So here I am, World. I’m back. More willing than ever to redefine, recapture and  resuscitate my life!

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I.O.ME £5.50


Temptation can be a bitch…

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